May 14, 2009

Just saying hi!

So I have been putting my blog address in all my message board posts on and what not but I am still unsure as to how many, (if any) are actually looking at my blog. I know, I know, I barely have anything up here to show my work but I am working on some exciting projects. So if you are visiting, please leave a comment so I know someone is reading this!

I have 3 graduations I have been invited to attend, and unfortunately, I am only going to one. My Brother in law graduates this weekend with his MBA (Way to go!) but he is all the way in Texas so that wont be one we can attend. I will be attending my Brother’s High School graduation in June but since we will be on the central coast of California, we will be missing my husband’s cousin’s high school graduation. With all that said.. (Whew) I am working on their graduation gifts (word books) every night while I watch TV.

I started on one two nights ago and just finished gluing one together yesterday so will be working on embellishing it tonight. This obviously will be getting to my brother in law late but hey... Better late then never.

Stay tuned... I am please with how it’s turned out so far… but it’s still naked without any embellishments!



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