Sep 22, 2009

I got the E!!!!

Man am I excited to get home today. Not only to see my kiddos but because I just got a email confirmation that my Expression was delivered. Not only my Expression but TONS of stuff. I seemed to have found the best deal on and got loads of stuff in my "bundle." It came with 4, yes I said that correctly, 4 cartridges. Out of the 4, I really only wanted one but couldn't pass up the bundle price. In addition to the E and the 4 carts, it comes with sheets of vinyl, tools, etching cream, markers and so much more. I am really juiced to go home and open the box! Dinner might just have to wait tonight!

I thought to myself a few days ago what to do with the carts I really didn't want. I decided to post them for sale on the Cricut Message Boards and within minutes, I had an email from a lady saying she wanted all three, Simply Sweet, Stand & Salute, and Home Decor for a pretty decent amount! I was super excited. I just contacted her today and got payment so I will ship them out to her tomorrow. I already decided to spend some of the money I knew I was going to get by purchasing Tags, Bags, Boxes, and more on Ebay for $29! I know can you believe it?

All in all this was a great deal and I was sure I could sell the carts I really didn't want so it worked out perfectly.

Stay tuned for some cute bags and boxes.. maybe even for Halloween!