Oct 14, 2009


Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I posted anything but a lot has been going on. I have been busy working on the kids Halloween Treats. I decided to make them small Halloween Pails to use while trick or treating. Since my twins and their two cousins will be going together and all are under the age of 2, I figured something small would do the trick. Here is what they turned out like:




They are made from Small Formula Cans that have been altered. I used Mod Podge and cardstock to cover the cans and then embellished them with ribbon, Letters cut with Don Juan for the kids' names and the backs of the cans are decorated with Pumpkin Stickers I embellished with Black Puff Paint! I punched holes and added eyelets to run the ribbon through to create the handle! I hope they enjoy them. Now I just have to fill them with treats for the kids.

I really like the way these turned out so will be making some Christmas ones to sell in my Etsy Shop! Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think!