Jan 11, 2010

ATG Gun...

I finally ordered my ATG Gun. I started scrapping the twins' baby books last week and quickly realized that the glue dots and cheap double sided tape dispensers were not going to make this project go any faster. I found the large glue dots to not come off the tape roll and actually rip my paper. The smaller (mini) glue dots work wonderfully but due to the size, it requires a lot to get even the smallest embellishment stuck down to the page. Not only that, this was getting to be really expensive. The double sided tape dispenser was just useless. It would sometimes come out right and sometimes it would not, even when it does come out, its not sticky AT ALL!

I finally read some reviews on the ATG and found a website that sells them for cheap so ordered it. I should be getting it tomorrow and cannot wait to re-start the baby book project!

This is really exciting for me!