Jan 4, 2010

Baby Books FINALLY Started

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to check in and say hi! I am actually not sure how many people read my blog or come here to see my recent projects.. I guess I would love to know! So if you are here reading this, please leave me a comment! I know my counter says over 12, 000 visitors, I guess it's just really hard for me to imagine that many people have looked at my blog... what does everyone think? Is all this blogging for nothing? Do people like my projects? Is anyone out there inspired by MY work? I guess these are some of the questions that run through my mind on a daily basis.

So back on topic.. I was so excited to have started my twins' baby books this weekend. They will be a year and a half in just 3 short days and I knew I was falling way to behind. I will post pictures of some of the layouts as I complete them!

Until then, Happy Scrapbooking!


Deanne said...

I am reading your blog, and I really enjoy looking at your projects! You ought to submit some of your projects to some of the challenges out there - you have so much talent!