Nov 10, 2010

Sacramento Scrapbook Expo 2010!!

This past weekend came and went the annual Scrapbook Expo here in Sacramento. Last year I attended for the first time and totally fell in love with the whole idea of the expo. You can simply go and shop for goodies or take classes or do BOTH!! I personally couldn't imagine lugging all my scrapbooking supplies with me there for one day. I know there are plenty of women (maybe even men?) that do this on a regular basis but its just not for me! This year, however, I was a bit disappointed. There were booths I really wanted to go back and raid again that simply were not there. The number of booths seemed to be down from last year as well. Don’t get me wrong, I still managed to spend loads of money on goodies I wanted!! I am starting to think maybe I feel this way because last year I really had no idea what to expect out of this whole thing and just purchased random stuff, most of which I may have not even used yet! This year I went in with a list of “must haves” and really only strayed from that list a few times! I still ended up with items I couldn’t find there that are STILL on my list but I guess I can only wait to see what there is next year!

With ALL that said, I do have to share some pictures I snapped away will ohhhing and ahhing at all the craft goodies. I do have to say my two favorite booths were Stampin’ Up and Oh La La. Everyone knows Stampin’ Up but man the demonstrators that put this booth up were amazing. Their projects were just so stunning. When I actually walked in the booth at first, I had no idea it was Stampin’ Up until I saw the sign and instantly thought, “you dummy, how could you NOT know it was Stampin’ Up?” They did have a make and take table set up, but it was packed at all times so I didn’t have a chance to make a really cool card using Stampin’ Up’s Fabric. Ahhh, maybe next year. Here are some of the stunning projects created by this team of ladies from all over Northern California!
Canvas Photo Board! I *HAVE* to make one!
Christmas Sayings Frame: Such a cute idea!
Paper Cone Wreath! This was amazing looking in person!
Die Cut Milk Carton! Super cute!

Cute Card!

Random Cards that were hanging in the booth!

The other booth I really *FELL IN LOVE* with was called Oh La La. I can’t even begin to explain how excited I was when I found this little booth. When I say little, it was SMALL! I think my cube at work is bigger then the size of this booth. Anyways, they made padded dress frames and then wrapped ribbon around them to look like a stand with a dress on it! They even had ones with a slight bump for pregnant women. This store was *AMAZING* and had so many cute things. Not only did they sell these padded dress frames with dresses on them, they even had the *CUTEST* kits available. Kits to make a jewelry holder, photo albums, frames, and even a photo holder (I bought one of these!). I seriously could have spent so many hours in this small booth and spent A LOT of money but I had to limit myself to one thing! Here are some shots of things in their store!

Jewlery Hanger! Isn't this a cute idea?

Home Decor Frame. Here you can see the Padded Dress Holder. The one in this frame didn't have a dress on it but the material was hand stamped.

Shadow Box Frame... So So Cute!
All of the other booths were the typical scrapbooking booths with cardstock, dies, stamps, paints, and much more. I just really had to share these two because I was in complete Awww of the stuff in these booths! Like I said earlier, I bought a frame photo holder on an easel kit and will post the finished product once I have put it together! I may have to track some of those wooden easels down and make a few more as gifts but I will let you know!

Thanks for stopping by!